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×IMPORTANT NOTICE: Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd. will be discontinuing the ReaderFit.com service on March 31, 2015. Current users are urged to download any important data as it will be unavailable after March 31, 2015. ReaderFit.com Professional users will be refunded any prorated amounts due to them on March 31, 2015. If you have any questions regarding this announcement please contact us.
Curve-Fitting Simplified with ReaderFit.

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ReaderFit.com helps you:

  • Draw standard curves
  • Calculate replicate statistics
  • Analyze ELISA data
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Enhanced security with SSL
Statistics for replicate groups
Best Fit feature automatically selects the best curve fit for you
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What others are saying about ReaderFit.com...

This simple-to-use website can do what a big-name office suite cannot do. Love it for 4PL regression!

- Y. Liu, University of California San Diego

Ideal for non-statisticians like me. Got my data back very quickly.

- Miles Chapman, UCL Institute of Neurology

ReaderFit has been far more convenient than Excel for any regression work.

- Johnny Fuchs, Assay Development Scientist

Was a great alternative for analyzing pilot data without having to use more expensive and complicated software.

- J. Pierce, East Carolina University

Better than the software bundled with my ELISA reader (don't want to mention the make - although it claims to be a leader in such technology).

- A. Cheekoth

ReaderFit is free, easy to use, free and has great technical support if needed. Did I mention it was free?

- K. Hor, Westmead Millenium Institute

ReaderFit.com is very easy to use. It works great for quick analysis of ELISA or other samples that don't need all the fancy bells and whistles of complicated analysis software.

- R. Carpenter, University of Chicago

This site had the right equation for fitting a dose-response curve [and] was able to do things I couldn't do on Matlab or other statistical software. (Well if I spent enough time on Matlab I could probably figure it out but not worth it when this easy-to-use site is available.)

- Q. Yang, Yale University

ReaderFit allows me to use the entire range of my standards for curve fitting, which has helped improve the accuracy of my ELISA results! This has helped me immensely and to top it off... it's free!

- Eliza Lee, Biotech Industry

A great and very user-friendly option to fit my ELISA data.

- K. Barth, UBC Dentistry

ReaderFit made data analysis a less daunting task.

- Julia Trajcevska, University of Sydney

It is simple to use and saves time.

- Cin Thang, McGill University

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